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A comprehensive meditation guide with 21 meditation techniques covering the 3 pillars of Attention, Awareness, and Attitude. It is an easy & proven way to start and sustain a meditation practice in just 21 days. Mobile App Integration featured

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    Guided Meditation with ambient background is a very effective way to keep my attention. It makes me want to keep coming back to finish the course. The dialog is very well thought out. The years of experience comes through.”

    Guy Bowerman

    Seattle, WA

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    • PDF copy of the Blossom Book with Integration to Mobile App

    Author Bio

    Suresh Srinivas is a Principal Engineer at Intel and has a PhD in Computer Science.
    As a certified yoga teacher, he has taught yoga and meditation to over 500 homeless youth and teaches the [email protected] mindfulness program. He enjoys cooking and hiking the Pacific Northwest with his English Yellow Labrador Luna

    Story of the Book

    Over a decade ago, Intel Corp. challenged its employees to get involved in their communities and volunteer their time—doing whatever to reach a goal of a million hours. Software engineer Suresh Srinivas thought long and hard about what he might do and what he could offer. His decision, to teach homeless and at-risk youth the powerful tools of yoga and meditation, blossomed into a deep passion. Now, with this gem of a book and its accompanying Mobile app, Suresh shares his gift with the rest of world.


    In this book through 21 meditations I teach you to improve your attention, awareness, and attitude. Here are 10 things you will learn.

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    Story from the Blossom Book

    Smiling at Outside In

    Walking on 13th Street in downtown Portland, I passed a store with a big sign on the window reading, “Smile!” I thought to myself, “Yes, a good lesson to use in yoga class.” I hurried ahead and reached Outside In, where I taught yoga and meditation to homeless youth for many years. As I prepared for class, Kris, one of my regulars and a gifted flute player, entered the basement studio—smiling broadly. As I always do, I began the class with a short meditation. After we came out of the meditation, Kris asked, “Aren’t you going to ask us to smile?” I was astonished. This young man had read my mind, my intention. So, we all took a minute to smile and stretch in cat and cow poses before continuing the class. I never saw Kris again. Like so many of the young people I have met volunteering at Outside In, Kris taught me a lesson—to remember to pay attention to the intention—and went on his way.

    One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of of "Blossom" are being donated to improve the lives of homeless youth everywhere.